Junior Designer


I am currently a Trainee Solicitor attending the Institute of Professional Legal studies at Queen’s University. Alongside my studies and work in the Solicitor’s firm, I enjoy spending time watching, learning and creating designs along with Maggie (my mother). As this is somewhat of an intensive course, I haven’t been able to be as hands on as I like to be, however I have been able to continue assisting in the administrative side of things. I continue to enjoy the fun projects we do and often drag my two siblings into the workplace with me (they just love sanding furniture). You see I have grown up with all of these great opportunities that moving and designing has given me. I decided I wanted to be a part of this journey so that I can be inspired to try new and different things on my travels. I was of course the girl who fixed all the problems in our college home having learned skills along the way. It’s very exciting, rewarding and inspirational to see a project through from start to finish. The best reward is knowing I made a difference too in someone’s world.


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