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"Your home is all about you and the story you want us to read, the journey you have taken or the adventure you are about to begin".

About Maggie

She began her career in Nursing and travelled to New York for a new experience. There she travelled the country. She was also grateful to have visited Hawaii, Bermuda and many other beautiful places of natural beauty with stunning architecture, colour and style. 

She later married, bought her first house and together with her then husband refurbished it completely. As the family grew, so did the houses and her love for interior design became apparent. She began to follow her passion for interior design. Each home she worked on taught her something new about history, architecture and her own ability to learn new skills. She has over the past 30 years designed, painted and DIY styled her way through many interiors including her own. Learning how to manage budgets, taught her how to be frugal when necessary, which in turn led to her love of recreating something new from the old. There were many amazing quality pieces of furniture along the way, with a great supply of unique and quirky items that she sourced from flea markets, antique / salvage shops and garage sales. They in turn enabled her to create a high end look for less. Herein began her passion for Upcycling.

Her Interior style is simple but elegant, a classic mix of vintage, modern and antique; a collected look if you like. In 2011, after 25 years in New York she returned to Ireland. Her experiences there taught her resilience, how to embrace change and to keep growing no matter what she encountered.

So in 2015 Pearl Redesigns was born. Practising interior design, painting and upcycling, meeting new clients and creating dream spaces never feels like work. It’s a creative journey and a passion she loves to share.


For Pearl Redesigns

Please reach out so we can learn about what you are planning. Let us help you begin the journey of designing your dream space. We can’t wait to hear from you.


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