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Let us help you get your house ready for the housing market. We can offer you suggestions and advice in home improvement, decorating, decluttering, how to add that extra curb appeal in order to make your home more attractive to as many potential home buyers maximising its true potential. You want to get your house sold as quickly as possible for the maximum amount so paying attention to the details really pays dividends. Buyers want to see themselves in the prospective home and sometimes it is full of ‘your stuff’. Let us share with you the tricks of the trade so that you can get the house sold and start your journey and new life. About us:

Loving design would be an understatement.

We like to create beautiful happy homes. Get inspired by colour and design. We love to combine treasured vintage finds with new items designing and restyling your home. Let us help you realise the dream of an amazing space that best suits your lifestyle and budget. Our aim is to make your home a comfortable place that is a reflection of you and your family and where you are in your life right now. Our lives are always changing and our homes should reflect that.

Are you building your dream home starting from scratch or maybe extending an existing property? Sometimes blending the old with the new or even where to begin can be overwhelming leaving you feeling stressed when you should be having fun.

It may be finding a statement piece that starts the journey in your plan, updating a kitchen with colour, new tiles, or countertop or simply adding some trim, bobbles or bling to the soft furnishings.

We all change our homes for various reasons; Tired and outdated décor, change in the family dynamic – divorce, empty nesters or a new addition. Maybe it is time to move on so decluttering, organising and getting it ready for the housing market is where you have found yourself.

Whatever your needs, big or small, we can offer suggestions that enable a room by room plan, whole house plan or DIY plans for you to complete yourself.

We will set up an appointment and meet to discuss your vision and together we will create a scheme and look that is original to you. We offer inspiration, value, great looks with your style in mind.

“Some people look for a beautiful place others make a place beautiful”.

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